Welcome to BBData Professional Services!

A Vietnam-era, Veteran-owned Information Technology (IT) Staffing Firm
BBData is a Information Technology recruitment and placement firm operating across numerous industries and functional business disciplines.  Our mission (with its supporting goals) is to find and provide contract, permanent, consulting and project management personnel and services to business enterprises and their IT departments as augmentation staff supporting important business activities. We provide the end corporate client with matches of very talented and highly qualified information technology specialists and managers in support of corporate on-going business requirementsn and functions.

BBData specializes in finding and placing IT personnel who possess specific functional and technical knowledge and skills associated with work involving all of the phases of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)  in whole or any of its sub-phases or activities. Our organization identifies potential SDLC knowlegeable candidates, screens them in relationship to their expressed needs of the end-client and, as a part of the eventual placement process, works to insure the optimum and most productive working situation.  In this regard, we provide our services mutually to both clients and candidates in our efforts to insure that the client gets the right personnel resources to solve an enterprise's specific business problems and the candidate has the opportunities and structure that enables the delivery of the required IT services and end products.

BBData usually employs rcruitment and placement personnel with 20+ years of experience in the industry with skills and experiences within the SDLC dating back from the 1970s up to the present.  All of its workers have been either as managers or "hands-on", individual contributors in many small, meduim or very large and complex organizations and engagements, both as direct employees or as consultants/contractors.  As a result, BBData personnel are experienced and seasoned IT professionals with proven knowledge and skills of a strategic and operational level in relationship to 1.) various business functions within varying organizations, 2.) associated activities and tasks associated with various business functions and future requirements, 3.) knowlege and skills to be applied to defined projects and tasks associated with the business function and 4.) comparative evaluation and measurement data by through which business relationships and end deliverables and schedule can be measured for success and quality evaluations.  With our cutting edge approaches, we place the right IT employees in business and technical environments and projects where the enterprise greatly benefits from their service and deliverables while the chosen candidate thrives professionally.

We provide our services to private and public customers. Some of the organization work environments we have bben engaged in have been federal military defense, education, insurance, cable television, distributorship management, manufacturing management, general accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), pharmaceutical toxicology... and more.