Recruitment & Placement

  BBData targets the entire set of SDLC phases in matching candidate personnel to specific work situations and corporate client business requirements. The SDLC phases we cover are: 
          • Work/Project Initiation                                     • Systems Concept Development

          • Project Planning and Management             • Functional & Detail Requirements Analysis (data & processes) 
          • Technical Design (data & processes)        • Application & Systems Develop
          • Testing (by SDLC phases and activites)    • System Approval & Deployment
          • On-going Operations & Maintenance         • Quality Assurance
& Auditing
          • Data Quality Analysis                                     • Portfolio Assessment & Management (e.g., OMB 300)

Because of our “real-world” business experiences and first-hand knowledge in each of these IT phases or activities, we can provide an organization with valuable-added project counsel and tangible deliverables along with the necessary support staffing to meet and satisfy the most complex IT enterprise business problems while meeting agreed upon project schedules. 

After a augmentation staffing recruitment candidate has been identified, he or she is interviewed and evaluated thoroughly in relationship to 1.) the client's IT business requirement, 2.) the candidates prior and current work objectives, 3.) the candidates experience, knowledge and motivation as related to the client requirement and points 1.) and 2.). These involve interviews and evaluations designed to determine or better understand the candidate's:
       • Technical knowledge within business specifc subject areas
       • Technical and intellectual "curiosity"
       • Previous, individual work assignments and accomplishments
       • Self-assessments and motivations for the specific IT assignment or position
       • Personal ambitions and future goals
In addition, BBData requires that the candidate be prepared to provide two recent references from previous managers or supervisor who were thoroughly familiar with the candidate's subject area knowledge, nature of projects worked and completed, work responsibilites and level associated with these projects, relevance of the work completetd and its' value to the organization and the level of the complexity of the work accomplished.  With this data and these factors meld with our appoach, we are confident that we can match the right candidates to the right work situations.
For the candidate: as a result of our “real-world” work experience, we have developed standardized resume templates, job search strategies and resources, in support of the candidate, that can be used in order to succinctly and clearly define the candidates capabilities, work experiences and objectives. The resulting resumes are sent to the end-client in a client specific format, as requested.  At this point, continual communication between the end-client and the candidate will occur until an staff augmentation decision is made.